Religion and Babies- Data Visualisation Dumps the Stereotype.

With contentious religious debate rife throughout the world, Hans Rosling uses data visualisation to discerningly elevate the debate around religion’s influence on the number of children per women.


#MasteryInTheMaking with Oude Meester

Mastery is a journey, not a destination and recently Quirk was part of an inter agency team (along with 140BBDO) that was responsible for the launch of Oude Meester’s new Through the Line, integrated campaign #MasteryInTheMaking.

In addition to the campaign serving to announce the partnership between Oude Meester and well know actor Idris Elba, the leading piece of creative executed by 140BBO aims to plant the concept┬áthat the idea of mastery is one that all of us have to continuously strive for – or as the adage goes “never stop learning and improving”. Following the launch of the TVC there will be a range of TTL activities that will bring to life the campaign and allow you to participate in the #MasteryInTheMaking

Check out the campaign launch TVC below as well as the behind the scenes video that will give you an insight into the process we went through to concept and produce the campaign and the masters in the making that were responsible for it as well as a sneak peak into what is to come.

Television Campaign

Behind the scenes


To make sure that you don’t miss more of the #MasteryInTheMaking as the campaign rolls out follow Oude Meester on Facebook or Twitter.


The Mobile Edition


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