Jason Warner

Party in the Pen Music Mix

by Jason Warner on 2014/04/08 at 16:33

Party in the Pen from quirkagency on 8tracks Radio.

The Quirk Graduate Pen is known to attract a pretty diverse bunch and this mix reflects just that. We asked our grads to throw in a few songs that have been 

making them happy lately and the result was a bit of everything from Zedd to Beyoncé. Not exactly cohesive, but somehow, it works; just like the pen.

About The Author

Jason Warner joined the Cape Town Quirk office in early 2010. Jason naturally gravitated towards a life online after spending many hours on his dad’s computer playing Duke Nukem 3D and he has found himself behind some screen or another ever since. Now, he works as a Content Strategist within the agency, soaking up the web one day a time.

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Developing a Strategic Framework for SEM

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that sees increased spending by consumers. With every brand attempting to secure their own share of wallet, cutting through the noise with a campaign that stands out and is true to the brand is difficult.

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