Walkers’ Tweet to Eat Campaign

Popular potato crisp brand Walkers have once again created an amazing outdoor activation by seamlessly integrating their social media. A virtual version of Walkers’ ambassador, Gary Lineker, sits in a Twitter powered vending machine and encourages commuters to trial new Walkers flavours by tweeting the brand. After trailing the new variants, consumers are encouraged to go and vote for their favourite on the Walkers website.

Watch below to see the reactions of people when they notice the virtual Gary Lineker.





It was Uncle Ben who told a young Peter Parker that, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ As fans of the Spiderman franchise will attest, these words proved to be scarily accurate. And, as it is in comic books, so it is increasingly becoming in life. Let me explain…

For the sake of argument I’d like to begin my sermon (yes sermon) by offering that there is nothing more dangerous than a little bit of information. Whether it’s picking up stompies, reciting headlines of articles you haven’t read, or basing entire drunken arguments on opinions with which you’re not really sure you agree – the results can be explosive.

Enter Social Media. A tool designed to connect, share, network, stalk etc. There’s no denying its influence. I wonder though, if Uncle Ben were around today, would he have adapted his statement to, ‘With great influence, comes great responsibility.’? After all, Spiderman would’ve had a pretty bitching Fan Page don’t you think? And this brings me neatly back to my point. Good or bad, Social Media has put an incredible amount of influence power into the hands of pretty much everyone. The power to spread hate speech, kick-start ideas, maim reputations, make cat videos go viral, organise protests that eventually topple governments or bully a teenager to the point that they take their own life. That last one stung a bit didn’t it? Good.

Everyone’s a thought-leader

To borrow from Barry Roux, ‘I put it to you that this power, placed in the hands of over 1.23 billion active Facebook users, is both indescribably horrifying and wonderful.’ These individuals, in a matter of seconds, have the potential to spread information faster than at any point in human history. But there’s a lot of rubbish out there. Fake articles, inaccurate reports, skewed research findings, biased reporting and flagrant lies surround our innocent profiles on a daily basis. All served to us by people we know, trust, like, lust for or met once while back-packing through Asia and ‘friended’ because we didn’t want to be rude. And therein lays the problem; Trust.

Oh, what it is to know one’s own influencers…

Reading an article, it’s easy to remain neutral because you don’t know the author. You may deem the publication credible, or rate the author’s work but you don’t necessarily know them personally. On Facebook however, no matter what kind of link comes your way, you are influenced by who posted it. Obvious perhaps but just think about the psychological implications of knowing the publisher. You might know them intimately. Does this not influence the way you perceive the content they’ve pushed to your newsfeed? We should be cautious to remember that, just like High School, popularity (online or otherwise) does not an expert make. And now it’s too late. You’ve just retweeted it, ensuring the information that may or may not be accurate is seen by hundreds more. Congratulations. For good or bad, you’ve played your part. A part that may mean internet infamy for Snowflake the dancing cat or viral success for a piece of branded content but which could also result in fear, insecurity, shame or any one of the myriad of dark and twisted ailments to which the human condition is disposed.

At the end of the day I like to believe people are inherently good, are responsible for their actions and that the onus is always on the perpetrator. But with the above in mind, I leave you with a thought…

With today’s Likes, Shares and Retweets quickly becoming tomorrow’s triggers, crosshairs and stun grenades – remember Uncle Ben’s words. Because even Spiderman couldn’t save him.

Image Credit: Makeameme.org


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