Apologies for the severe posting drought. Its not bloggers’ block I tell you!!

I’ve just arrived in Cape Town on the flight from hell: 24 hour delay after sitting on the plane in the London heat for 4 hours. Then after 13 hours of turbulence and mere seconds from landing we were re-routed to Jo’burg because of weather. Another 5 hours in a plane with my body begging for sleep.

The lovely Scottish stewardess said it was her worst flight in 7 years on the job. It was certainly my worst ever and of course the trusty laptop ran out of juice after the first 4 hours!


Pretty horrendous stuff although the one major plus was the cool people I met during the ordeal. Perhaps it was worth it…?


Anyway I’m in Cape Town for a whirlwind 2 weeks so the blog will no doubt be a bit light.


In the meantime whilst trying to catch up on my feeds I found this gem by Insightful Uncle Seth. As always with the bald man it’s as obvious as a shovel in the face but enlightening when articulated in such simple terms.


I can confirm that when plotting “time on an aircraft” vs. “pain” then C is the appropriate graph.


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