Go Green!

All self respecting tree-hugger / enviro-activist Capetonians were at the NATURAL AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS EXHIBITION 2007 at the CTICC this weekend. The fair was a real testament to how the world of well-being is growing and how people are responding to the movement (apparently there was no room to move at the show on Sunday!!).
The exhibition was a journey of weird and wonderful natural and organic products ranging from herbal teas, vitamins, exotic berries, skin products and equipment for better living. You name it, it was there. If only we had the money to buy it all or the discipline to include it in our daily routines.
The Natural and Organic Products Exhibition’s slogan is ‘Be informed and inspired to live the difference’.
We therefore challenge them to encourage next year’s exhibitors to make use of sustainable materials for their promotional goods i.e. biodegradable tasting cups and spoons, less paper or more use of recycled paper, more organic food stores for people wanting to grab a bite at the exhibition and perhaps to even consider planting trees to offset the carbon footprint caused by the event.
All in all it was a great experience and we hope we all keep inspired and live more respectful and ‘greener’ lives.
Go Green!

Elli (Ninjani) and Santi

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