Interaction in a Digital World

During my daily wander through my Google reader I went of on a tangent and ended up discovering some super-cool, interactive technology.
To backtrack a little…I saw a mention of the upcoming ‘leweb3’ conference taking place on December 07 in one of the world’s most appealing cities (well in my opinion at least)…Paris!
Whilst checking out the official website I spotted that – a French ‘video publishing on demand’ site, which encourages users to create their own TV channels, was an organisational partner and clicked off in that direction.
Once I had watched a few “arb” clips which were listed in the ‘most rated section’, I finally found a clip which I rated and decided to go forth and share my findings – a crucial element in the viral marketing  process.

The holographic technology which enables a space such as a museum to come alive and really offer an interactive visitor experience is called the Ubiq Window and is one of many products/services from the remarkably innovative LM3LABS crew…If you were at all impressed by the Ubiq Window, do yourself a favour and check out and take a squizz at the show reel situated on the home page…radical styles!

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