Quirk Offices on Google Street View

You are trying to get to a braai in Blouberg all the way from Rondebosch, and you are busy trying to implement GPS in your vehicle. Google Maps gives you an indication of how to get there through views of terrain and satellite. How about a street view? Finally, Google has launched the ultimate application in South Africa which allows you to not only navigate your way to a “final destination” but to get an idea of what the destination looks like.

So how does this awesome application work? For starters, visit Google Maps. Once you reach their landing page, type in the desired address or area within the search box. (In this case it’s our awesome building, The Boulevard, located in Searle Street.) Once Google Maps takes you to your desired location, click on the icon demarcated as “A”.

Google Maps Quirk eMarketing.

A Google Map view of Searle Street in Cape Town.

This will result in bubble containing basic information and a thumbnail regarding the location being searched. If you click on the thumbnail it sends you to what is referred to as a “street view”.  The result should look something like this:

Quirk Cape Town.

A view of The Boulevard where Quirk is located in Cape Town.

The first time I attempted using Google Street View I managed to find a postman and a couple of vegetable hawkers passing my driveway. On this note, the esteemed search engine giant may have stumbled across a unique surveillance method. Regrettably, Google Street View does not operate within real time.

Quirk Johannesburg.

A distant shot of the Quirk offices in Johannesburg.

Quirk London.

The entrance to the QuirkStation in London.

Go wild and make use of Google street view here.

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