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“HTML5 is the language for describing the structure of Web pages.” W3C

HTML5 is the new buzz word, but it seems like there is a lot of confusion about what exactly HTML5 is. I often get the impression that people think of animation when talking about HTML5 when in fact that is not its purpose at all.

This confusion is fuelled by sites like Apple’s HTML5 showcase which was widely criticised because they did not specifically showcase HTML5 but instead made extensive use of CSS3 & jQuery.

It only takes one short article to clear up the confusion:  CSS3 is not HTML5. Peter, the blogger from Stien, indicated that HTML5 is essentially additional HTML mark-up elements that can be used in your Web pages to enhance the user experience. It also cleans up and optimises the mark-up that you have to write to get something done.

So with that said, here’s Kate  Everyone knows I’m the WordPress geek so I chose this site because it shows that there are HTML5 WordPress themes out there that are already being used.


Let’s have a look at the source.

We can see that the header is made up of the <hgroup> element which in turn contains a <h1> and a <h2> to enclose separate headings.

The <nav> element is used to enclose the navigation for the site and I like the way that the <section> element is used to contain standalone sections, which I imagine are (but don’t have to be) widgets in WordPress, and then of course we have the <article> element to enclose separate articles within a <section>.

Finally the <footer> is put to good use to contain links to all the charities that Kate supports.

By using HTML5 tags in this way, the markup is more descriptive of the content as it was intended to be. 

Suppose the little disclaimer on the age old problem of "Browser Support" is in order. This site scores your favourite browser for HTML5 support. A quick test scored Safari 4 with 207 points out of 300. Followed by 197 for Chrome 5, 139 for Firefox 3.6 and a meagre 27 for Internet Explorer 8. Big surprise there…

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