4 Ways to Learn More About HTML5

HTML5 is a phrase on everyone’s lips. In so far as geeky Web developers and designers are ‘everyone,’ that is. If, like me, the closest you’ve come to coding is activating and deactivating your home security system, then you may be in the dark about the mysteries of HTML5. Luckily, working in an agency like Quirk gives me inside access to some people who are super smart about this sort of thing. Instead of the usual tips, we had one of my favourite Quirk brainiacs, Jean du Plessis, (also known as JLo) put together a list of great resources that will help you learn everything you need to know about HTML5.

Start with the books – they provide an excellent overview. Work your way through the websites and use the presentations to consolidate what you’ve learnt. When you’re ready to get in there, use the cheat sheets to keep your code good and clean and fresh (tra la la).

Computer geek.

HTML5 has created some hype for geeky Web developers and designers alike. Image Credit: Nerdiest-Kids.com

1. Books


2. Sites

3. Presentations

4. Cheat sheets

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