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Project Playground - QuirkStars Get Stuck In

by Marc Coppin


Some might say that here at Quirk, we have our heads firmly in the digital cloud, and they’d be right.

What few people realise, however, is that operating in such a technology rich environment, gives us more reason than ever to never lose sight of what’s happening around us

In this light, many QuirkStars have noticed and verbally protested the condition of the Holy Cross Primary School; an institution that is a mere footbridge away from our Cape Town office.

Holy Cross Primary School has 600 kids, 16 teachers, and about 6000 square-metres of grass in front of the school…but no playground. The biggest problem is that the grass area is unusable, and is littered with rubble, glass and rubbish. There remains little other space for the children to use, and as a result, they spend their lunch breaks playing in the road.

Now, I don’t know what that sentence means to you, but it gets us fired up! Think back to your school years, and imagine that at every lunch break you would have to file out into the street for a bit of R&R. Not an ideal thought, is it?

As it turns out, we weren’t the first to notice this situation, and there have been many attempts at cleaning the field. Unfortunately, that particular piece of land is tied up in political red tape, with the presence of land claim rights halting any attempts at improvement.

Well, bugger that’, said Quirk Cape Town, collectively, ‘we’ll do something about it, anyway.’

QuirkStars helping with Project Playground

Project Playground - The Mission

Yesterday more than 100 QuirkStars made their way down to the field, armed with black bags, steel rakes and garden gloves. During the course of the day we managed to clear almost four tons of rubble.

Over the next few days, we’ll be mowing, clearing, fertilising and planting grass across the field, in an effort to restore it to a condition that is suitable for children. If all goes well, we may see some happy, smiling faces when school reopens in 2012.

QuirkStars helping with Project Playground

Follow our progress on Facebook, and if you want to get involved, give us a call. Goodness knows these kids need it.

UPDATE: See some of the progress on the project here

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Cool people, you guys!

Posted by NicP on 2011/12/20

Well done to all of you. You make me proud to be a South African. Years ago (1967)when I was in Salesians the then government took all subsidies away from the Catholic schools so parents had to fork out. I wonder if this is still the case today with the new government. Keep up the great work

Posted by Eric Martinsich on 2011/12/20

Thanks for sharing

Posted by ön muhasebe programı on 2011/12/20

It is always great to see people come together for a good cause.

Our children need a place to let go of all the energy they have, if that energy is not released, we get children who are tired and grumpy (mad at times).

I congratulate you on the effort to make a good playground for the children at Holy Cross Primary School.

It is deeds like these that make all the difference.

Congratulations QuirkStars and Team on this collaborated effort. May you receive blessing from our Lord.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


Posted by Emilio Espinoza Jr on 2011/12/20

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement! We are making some good progress with Project Playground..

Posted by Marc Coppin on 2011/12/22

I am so impressed with all the Stars at Quirk, I had a little weep when I read about the work you have all been doing for the Play Ground so proud of you all .

Posted by Kay Rose on 2012/01/12

Thank you Kay! Keep an eye out for the end result..

Posted by Marc Coppin on 2012/01/12

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