New Facebook Marketplace Ad Copy Limit

Yesterday, I tried to insert my 124 characters of ad copy into the text box of a Facebook Marketplace Ad. To my surprise, some of the text got cut off. I thought perhaps my browser had frozen or something strange had happened along those lines, so I refreshed. That didn’t help. I then noticed that the copy had been cut off at 90 characters. At that point little bells went off in my head. I know that Page Post Ads (or Premium Ads) have a character limit of 90 characters – what if all ads were now restricted to only 90 characters?After a little investigation I found out that, sure enough, the character limit of Marketplace Ads has now been reduced to 90 characters. Now this may make these ads more appealing to users who don’t have to read a longer copy, but I do wish we had been notified a little in advance. While whispers of this change have been heard in the digital world, nothing official has been communicated by Facebook to their advertisers at this time.

Luckily enough, un-loaded ads are easily edited and it doesn’t look as though the ads already running have been impacted.

The Changes Don’t End There

After doing a bit of digging, it also seems that the image sizes will be made smaller, with normal Marketplace Ads being reduced from 110x80px to 99x72px. Other types of Facebook ads are being affected as well:

  • Premium Ads will remain limited to 90 characters but the image sizes will be changed to 100x80px
  • Sponsored Stories will have an image size of 168x28px.

What Does This Mean for Facebook Advertisers?

  • Ad copy will need to be punchier. Luckily we’ve always played around with the length of our ads so we are fairly used to this, and only slight adjustments will need to be made.
  • Images need to be easier to digest.
  • Marketplace Ads may get a bit lost – but that is why ad copy really needs to be attention grabbing.
  • You have to think more about your users and what will appeal to them. You can’t really be too gimmicky anymore (well, hopefully you never were!).

All in all, I don’t really think it’s a bad thing. In fact, it is probably a positive move, since Facebook is now forcing their advertisers to concentrate more on their users, and what they want.

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