Quirk Qualifies For Google Tag Manager

As of Monday, Google has released an entirely new product: Google Tag Manager. After some rigorous tests and an official review, Quirk is now an approved Google Tag Manager specialist (the first in the Middle East and Africa region!).

What Is Google Tag Manager?

As the Google team describes it: 

"Google Tag Manager is a free tool that consolidates your website tags with a single snippet of code and lets you manage everything from a web interface. You can add and update your own tags, with just a few clicks, whenever you want, without bugging the IT folks or rewriting site code. It gives marketers greater flexibility, and lets webmasters focus on other important tasks."

Most sites have more than one kind of tracking tag – from Google Analytics tags to AdWords tags, and DoubleClick – and managing all these tags can be confusing and frustrating. Google Tag Manager makes marketing and measurement tag management quick and easy for tracking administrators, with its friendly, intuitive interface and easy-to-manage user roles and permissions. 

Google Tag Manager – Why It Matters

Google Tag Manager matters to marketers because it is gives us marketing agility. All too often, urgent tag changes and updates are delayed because IT resources are tight. Agencies that are usually dependent on a client’s webmaster will be able to make changes themselves without any trouble.

Having the power to manage your own tags will also mean that you enjoy dependable data with all your marketing and measurement tags (as well as third party tracking tags) managed in one central location.

We look forward to helping our clients make tag management so much easier – exciting times!

Read more about it on the Google Analytics blog.

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