Bing, Facebook And Yahoo! Unite To Take On Google

Bing And Facebook

On the 12th of January, I made an interesting discovery. I searched for someone on Facebook, and got served web results powered by Bing – big stuff

Using ‘Gary Vice’ as a test name, after a few test searches, I started to see that the results favour social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. But what about Google+ and YouTube profiles? I doubt it. Bing is now part of the search filters in Facebook so you can officially use Facebook (and start using Bing) to search the web.  

Initially, Bing may have reached out to Facebook. They started serving Facebook results in their SERPs in May last year (For more on this, click here). This was a move for Bing to leverage people’s affinity toward social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and (of course, but not obviously) Windows Live. (Bing Makes Search More Social With Facebook and Twitter Results).

This move could also be Bing’s way of going social, perhaps as a reaction to Google releasing Google+. Will they eventually release a platform integrating Bing and Facebook ad management, perhaps even inclusive of LinkedIn and Twitter? That would be a good move by Bing to take on Google. Currently, Google+ claims they will never serve ads on the platform, but they may need to reconsider making that definitive statement as the platform grows.  

What About Yahoo!?

Yahoo! and Bing already have an alliance of sorts with their ‘Yahoo!/Bing network’. Is Yahoo! going social as well? And if so, what is their strategy? Google developed its own social network in Google+, and Bing seems to have climbed into bed with Facebook, to implement something similar. And now, it looks like Facebook has made space for Yahoo as well. On the 20th of February, a colleague sent out a link that highlighted this article: ‘Yahoo! goes social, teams with Facebook for site revamp.’

This is one of the big implementations by Yahoo!’s relatively new CEO, Marissa Mayer. Despite the fact that Yahoo! is competing with Facebook for ad revenue in some ways, Yahoo! has decided to leverage Facebook’s social model for their own site. This is similar to what Bing did from a strategy perspective. I’m expecting that this is the first of many collaborative efforts by some of Google’s main challengers.

Google has been so successful that their competitors are begging to work with one another. Individually, taking on Google doesn’t seem very hopeful, but together, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo! form an interesting opposing ‘team’. Google, however, still has the uncontrollable beast that is YouTube and you can expect they’ll be beefing up their social platforms and experiences.

Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo! may need to find ways to latch onto people’s affinity towards experiencing video content online to truly compete with Google on their level. Like, for instance, does Facebook have space for a video site like Vimeo?

What do you think of this new stand against the giant that is Google? Let us know in the ‘Make a comment’ block below.

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