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Viral Video: Game Of Thrones - Season 3 Trailer Campaign

by Amy Williams


HBO has kicked off its advertising blitz for the third season of the ever popular, Game of Thrones television series. Several weeks ago, 23 high quality photos promoting the new series were released to the public, followed up last week with the release of the official trailer which rapidly spread across the Internet, thanks to the show’s loyal following.

For those who know the series, here’s a quick overview of the brilliance to come: the trailer opens with a beautiful time-lapse landscape shot over mountains filled with fog, setting the tone for the upcoming season. We then see a pensive Tyrion Lannister enter a room whilst a voiceover narrates that, ‘ has been a long time…my friends’. Ominous!

We’re then introduced to a new character climbing up a wall of ice with a pick. Pretty impressive considering he is of the elderly persuasion, and surely a sign that this character will be someone to be reckoned with! We are then shown the state of the kingdoms across Westeros and promised even more of the loathful Joffrey Baratheon’s scheming, and battles-a-plenty, to lay claim to the throne.

Watch the trailer:

Since the video’s release on 23 February, it’s been viewed 17,054,363 times on YouTube, with the greatest spike in views seen on the 23rd and 24th. It’s had 1,928,666 Facebook shares, 44,345 Twitter shares, and 492 blog posts mentioning it, or being written around it*. No mean feat!

The ‘virality’ of the trailer was no doubt helped along by epic advertising of the show in The New York Times, as well as on the HBO building in Los Angeles, on the same day.

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This is yet another fantastic example of a campaign leveraging aspects of digital and above-the-line advertising, to drive promotion and increase attention around an event.

What do you think? Is this great advertising or just superfluous and unnecessary, given the already existing, immense popularity of the series? Let us know what you think in the ‘Make a comment’ block below.

*All numbers accurate at the time of writing, but are subject to change.

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