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The More You Know, The More You #Grow

by Marc Coppin


Just over a year ago, Quirk embarked on a mission to uplift the Holy Cross Primary School, situated over the road from our Cape Town office.

We started by creating an area for the kids to play, clearing 4 tons of rubble and glass off of their only field. With a little hard work and a lot of water we managed to get the field into shipshape, and give the kids somewhere to play other than the road.

With the help of the Chevrolet UTE Force we’ve been keeping the grass trim and green over the past year, and in late November decided to once again extend the project on behalf of our clients (in lieu of a Christmas gift).

We had a few words with the School’s VP, Paul Rossouw, and he mentioned that the kids were struggling to work for lack of writing books. There’s a bigger problem that extends from this of course: the need for help in driving educational growth in our country – something we are often aware of, but not always so active about.

So we planned a campaign around getting the community involved in supporting educational growth, using a decrepit wall at the school as a means to build awareness and get our message across. We also aimed to bring some colour to the kids' play area at the same time.

Tweet for #Growth

To start the campaign, we primed the wall and painted a number of stark trees on it, and then kicked off our social march.

The idea was this: Tweet about education in South Africa with the tag #Grow, and for every tweet we will donate a writing book to a child, and add a leaf to a tree.

Our goal was 600 tweets, given that there are 600 kids at the school. Within a week we had hit our target, and with the help of Stationery in Motion we doubled the result and handed over 1200 writing books to the school in total.

Thanks to Maciek Dubla and the wonderful people at Plascon, we also managed to fill our trees with leaves and left a lasting symbol of educational growth, both for the community and the kids.

View the full photo gallery on Facebook here. Watch the project unfold below:

Let us know what you think in the 'Make a comment' below, and if you'd like to get involved in helping the school, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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