What the WPP deal means for Quirk London

Today is a hugely exciting day for Quirk, with our group of agencies joining the world’s largest and most successful marketing and communications group, WPP. The move is a particularly significant for Quirk London, as being part of such a formidable network will enhance and accelerate our goal of being a marketing consultancy that helps multinationals bridge developed and developing markets.

Quirk London is in the fortunate position of working with some of the world’s best known multinational brands and organisations. When we engage with the leaders of these businesses, we consistently find they have two pressing issues on their agenda:
  • How to succeed as a global organisation in today’s fast-paced digitally enabled world.
  • How to ensure they are taking best advantage of the opportunities presented by emerging markets.

Through our consultancy-led approach, Quirk London works with these clients to provide innovative, bespoke and practical solutions to their challenges. We’re therefore more strategic and business focused than most digital agencies, but we still like to keep our feet firmly on the ground by implementing and executing the strategies and solutions we expound. This keeps our thinking cutting edge, but also means that the consultancy we provide is more practical and creative than that on offer from the majority of pure-play consultancy firms, because it’s rooted in an in-depth, hands-on understanding of marketing tactics in a connected world.

We also pride ourselves on the diversity of our team:

  • Diverse in experience, ranging from pure-play digital, financial services, management consultancy and network ATL agencies.
  • Diverse in nationality, with our London Stars originating from cultures and geographies as diverse as the States, Pakistan, South Africa, Greece and Australia.

This breadth of professional and cultural backgrounds, alongside our combined experience of working with global brands and our African heritage, means we have a genuine appreciation of what it takes to succeed on a global scale and the challenges therein. This also allows us to act as a ‘bridge’ between developed and developing markets for global brands, often head-quartered in the first world, wanting to take advantage of the growth potential to be found in many of today’s emerging economies. Our recent projects have a footprint that spans from China and the Philippines to Maghreb, Latin America and the Middle East. It makes for a dynamic and continually challenging working environment that we embrace whole-heartedly.

The partnership with WPP is therefore a very exciting one for Quirk’s London team. It provides further opportunity to work with some of the world’s most loved global brands and marry our born-digital emerging market experience with their already powerful communications strategies and marketing campaigns. We will also be able to tap into WPP’s immense network of local offices, with access to their country specific experience and IP.

Here’s to a bright future of collaboration and success!