The Big Tasty® is Back!

There’s a McDonald’s burger out there with your name on it.

Take Big Tasty Back - Live Tastily Ever After

When the delicious, smokey Big Tasty® disappeared off the McDonald’s menu a few years ago, it left many fans looking for answers. Where did the burger go and why did it leave?

Fans were left feeling heartbroken and deserted. One thing we know for sure is that the Big Tasty® is back for good and is now trying every way possible to ask – and hopefully receive – the forgiveness it craves. Starting with its biggest fan, @KingYllos, the Big Tasty® plans to win back the hearts of every single South African, one delicious love bite at a time.

Since making its long-awaited return, the Big Tasty® has been spending time showing off its saucier side, leaving love notes on Facebook and Twitter, reminding fans of the bond they once shared: “Your hands. My buns. Admit it – we had something special. Let’s reunite today. Please? XOXO BT”

A team of frenzied flyer distributors weaved their way through the traffic on Mandela Bridge one Monday morning with a simple message: “If you know @KingYllos, please tell him that I am sorry I broke his heart and would like nothing more than to make it up to him.” This was followed by a special love song written just for @KingYllos, encouraging him to take back the Big Tasty® once and for all!

Needless to say, most Big Tasty® fans have already accepted the Big Tasty® back with open hands – no questions asked. Some Facebook fans describe the Big Tasty® as “culinary magic” while many others are just thrilled to get to enjoy their favourite meal once more.

Some, however, are still playing hard to get, like one Facebook fan who responded to the Big Tasty’s® plea with, “No, no, no. Never take back an ex!” The Big Tasty has assured us that it will stop at nothing to win back the love of every fan so watch out for some exciting things from this smokey, saucy burger in the coming weeks!

What will the Big Tasty® do next to win back South Africa? Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter to follow the love story as it unfolds.

Are you convinced enough to take the Big Tasty® back to be your tastily ever after? At least give this burger a chance to convince you on

We think it’s time to take Big Tasty® back!