Worthwhile: Women’s Edition

August is Women’s Month, which gave our female QuirkStars the perfect opportunity to take over Scott’s section on the blog. Enjoy the weird and wonderful internet finds.

Kick things off with the ultimate soundtrack:

Ever wondered who picks out the songs that make up that perfect playlist you’re streaming?

Turns out there’s quite a bit more to compiling your favourite roadtrip tunes/gym beats/winding-down-with-a-glass-of-wine playlist than you think.

“It’s hard to describe because it’s more of a feeling or instinct,” says Chery of his process. He’s from Queens, New York, which, despite his residence in Los Angeles for the past four years, is obvious when you hear him talk. “It kind of just happens. You sit there and you start moving and just do it.”

Check out how these humans get in the zone to curate playlists that hit the spot for 8tracks, Spotify and the like.


August was also the month of watching Olympics here, there and everywhere.

Most big brands tapped into the global excitement and some of them go it oh-so-RIGHT! Take a look at the ones that stood out head and shoulders above the rest..

One of our personal favourites:


“The only person who should be defining me is me. Size doesn’t matter.”

We know you might have already seen it, but we had such feels about this JC Penney ad that we just had to include it in our list.


One man’s adventures with his “Big City Lion” have turned into artsy masterpieces thanks to some clever costume work.

5 years ago on a photoshoot in spain, I found a little homeless dog looking for food. I gave him the Name “Tschikko Leopold von Werner” and took him back to Germany. From day one I noticed that he looks like a lion with his bright eyes and the color of his hair. I made him a mane und I started to portrait him in various landmarks around Hamburg, my adopted home. Now, Tschikko Leopold von Werner, is conquering the city as the famous GROSSSTADTLÖWE (english translation: big city lion)


Women’s Day is about more than just talking about discrimination and inequality.

In this video by Superbalist they explore what Women’s Day and being a woman means to a number of South African ladies. Maybe it’s time to stop talking about violence and sexism against women and start showing support in other, more constructive ways.

Read the full article here.


Learn new things here!

We’ve just discovered this amazing YouTube channel that explains some really complex ideas in simple and accessible ways. Go on, expand your mind!


Just a sprinkle of Podcast

Listen to host of #GirlBoss Radio, Sophia, interview some of the funniest, most successful, interesting and inspirational women from around the world.

On each episode of the podcast, Sophia interviews world-class Girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Expect hilarious co-hosts and conversations you won’t hear anywhere else. On this podcast Sophia hopes to humanize the known, champion the unknown, and, well, laugh a little about the absurdity that is life.


And there you have it! Over and Out.