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Let’s talk about hardware…

I’ve now read, heard (and used) a quote by photographer Chase Jarvis. “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” more than a handful of times since the announcement of the iPhone 7’s new line of camera features. In fact, there have a few announcements from a number of tech/culture/media giants over the past couple weeks that deserve a closer look as they’re quite possibly signals to a new wave of interestingness in terms of how we as everyday consumers will be creating and sharing media.

In no particular order:

  • Snap Inc’s (Formerly SnapChat) Spectacles with integrated camera.
  • Apples’ iPhone 7 and its amazing new camera
  • GoPro’s first foray into the drone market

Firstly, let’s talk Snapchat / Snap Inc and their new Spectacles:
via Techcrunch – The hopes and headaches of Snapchat’s glasses:

Snapchat is renaming its corporate self to Snap Inc, and launching its $130 Spectacles this fall in limited release. They’ll be one-size-fits all in black, teal, or coral colors. Spectacles let you tap the glasses’ rim to instantly record 10 seconds of video, three taps to record a maximum of 30 seconds, with a light on the front alerting people you’re recording.

The video is captured with an 115-degree wide view lens in a circular format that can be watched full-screen on a phone in any orientation. The video is stored on the device and can be wirelessly offloaded to a phone over Wifi or Bluetooth so users can edit and share via Snapchat later. Spectacles’ battery should last a day, and you can get up to four full recharges from the portable charging case.

Next up, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, specifically the camera. While Apple’s PR and marketing machine will have you believe you can put your fancy DSLR’s on Gumtree, the reviews so far have been a little less enthusiastic. Most of them summarising, however, that we’re getting close to that point. Digital photography that can rely on powerful chips and algorithms (like the one in the 7) is going to drive a new level of capability into the space, “democratising” access to tools that were previously out of reach for the everyday Joe.

And finally, GoPro’s Karma drone..

This piece of gadgetry is a big statement from a brand that’s been falling a little behind relative to the photographic and portability advances from the likes of both iPhone as well as cheaper competitor options. I thought that perhaps a compact 360 degree camera would be next but perhaps this drone sets up the platform for an even better 360 degree video opportunity – aerial 360. Who knows.. all I know is that I’d love one.


An important and well articulated 4 part series about the Blurred Lines Between Digital and Out of Home Location-Marketing from Posterscope’s VP of Strategy..

Consumers have changed the way they consume media and this will only continue. Advertisers are demanding and expecting more from their advertising dollars. Exciting technological advancements mean that we need to rethink the traditional boundaries and perceptions of ‘OOH’.

Part 1, Part 2, (parts 3 and 4 still to be written I assume)


Chatbot Check
Chatbots are the new “big data” – awesome buzzword, but not a lot of understanding around what the concept ACTUALLY means. Here are a few chabots I’ve seen lately that might spark off some thinking about what your brand’s chatbot could be doing for your customers..


6 UX Design Trends To Follow In 2016 Yes, it’s pretty much October already but a quick check-in to see how you’re plotting against the predictions is probably a good idea. The list in short:

  1. Anticipatory Design
  2. Designing User-Driven Stories
  3. Hero Images Replacing Banners and Carousels
  4. Creating Persuasive Designs
  5. Proactively Designing For Future Devices
  6. Incorporating Design Animations For Better UX


The best US election ad I’ve seen so far: