Quirk to become Mirum


Today’s the day I get to share some very exciting news with you. In keeping with our track record of innovation, this morning we become Mirum. Quirk joined Cleartag and HeathWallace to form Mirum in the Middle East and Africa.

jMirum is a global digital agency that creates experiences people want and businesses need. Created by the J. Walter Thompson Company in 2015 by joining its most innovative and specialised digital marketing companies, Mirum’s goal is to “make what’s next” for clients that understand and embrace the transformative power of digital technology.

The agency operates in 20 countries, with more than 46 offices and 2,400 professionals and partners with blue chip clients like Airtel, Capitec Bank, Distell, DStv, Google, Kellogg’s, HSBC, Qualcomm, Mazda, Visa, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Old Mutual, PepsiCo, Unilever, Woolworths and Investec.

The evolution to Mirum brings with it some leadership changes. Rob Stokes will be moving from CEO to Chairman, Andrew Bloom will lead the Mirum product in South Africa as Chief Creative Officer and I will take the reigns as the CEO of Mirum South Africa. Andrew and I will both work closely with Tarek Dajani, Cleartag Co-founder and CEO, who will be taking on the CEO role for Mirum in the Middle East and Africa.

Quirk becoming Mirum is right for the business in so many ways. We are completely aligned in our cultures that embrace curiosity, innovation and entrepreneurship and our vision for what progressive clients will need to win in the future. Making experiences that businesses want and people need is something we are passionate about. Joining Mirum gives our staff and clients access to an amazing set of regional and global expertise and experience, tools and partnerships that are required for us to stay relevant as a client partner and employer brand.

That’s it from me, read what a few others have to say about this very exciting day.
Let’s make what’s next, James.
Rob Stokes

“For me, this is a great moment in Quirk’s journey. Quirk has always known that digital requires a global capability for both talent and execution. Joining Mirum will ensure our clients thrive in today’s digitally enabled world.” – Rob Stokes, Mirum South Africa Chairman


d“Our global vision is to use our deep understanding of technology and human behaviour to make experiences that businesses want and people need. I am confident that James and Tarek will lead the way in bringing the Mirum vision to reality across the MEA region.” – Dan Khabie, Mirum CEO

Andrew Bloom

“This is a big day. A big opportunity to play a part at a global level. And to also bring Africa onto a digital global playing field. We’ve always had technology, how it affects people and the future, in our hearts and this is going to add some voltage to that. Part of being an innovator is the ability to predict and create what comes next and we’re now part of a network, all helping one another do that. In an industry that relies on collaborative thinking, that’s massively supportive and enabling.” – Andrew Bloom, Mirum South Africa CCO

t“I believe that the Middle East and Africa will drive a lot of the next decade’s innovation as we harness the power of digital technology to overcome structural barriers and disrupt traditional business models and cultural paradigms. Mirum is perfectly positioned to help our clients thrive in this ever-changing environment as Cleartag, HeathWallace and Quirk bring together the perfect mix of expertise, experience and local insight.” – Tarek Dajani, Mirum MEA CEO