Amy Williams

Amy Williams

Amy Williams reported for duty at Quirk Jozi in February 2013, as a QuirkStudling. Before joining our grad programme, Amy was tackling a BA in Journalism, Communications and Media, at Monash.

Amy’s described by mates as insane, happy and creative, and strives to live life to the fullest: ‘I want to experience as much as possible, as soon as possible,’ she says.
Amy admits her guilty pleasure and greatest extravagance is buying gadgets, she dislikes liars and lateness, loves cheese ‘more than life itself…’ and as for her party trick: ‘…my laugh makes other people laugh.’

Amy’s favourite blogs or websites of note:

  • 9gag (for the LOLs)
  • Facebook (for chatting with friends not on WhatsApp)
  • Twitter (for the melting pot of sheer stupidity and intellectual stimulation)

Most likely to be heard saying in the office:

‘Hey at least it keeps me busy’, ‘bro’, ‘awesome’, ‘dude’

Secret reason for wanting to work at Quirk:

‘I want to live in London!’