Anna Malczyk

Anna Malczyk

Anna Malczyk joined the Cape Town QuirkStation in March 2012 as a Knowledge Officer within Quirk Education. Holding her MA in Media Studies, Anna brings huge wisdom to the Education department.

Born in Poland, Anna can speak 7 languages – English, Afrikaans, a range of European languages and Japanese! Describing her ideal day as starting off with breakfast on the beachfront, then a relaxing afternoon in Kirstenbosch and gaming the night away, it is clear Anna is a digital native but still loves the outdoors.

As Knowledge Officer, Anna will oversee and collate information from across Quirk and help us develop a broader image of what is happening in marketing landscape.

Anna’s favourite blogs or websites of note

Most likely to be heard saying in the office?
Okay, that’s the issue – but what are we going to do about it?