Greg Schneider

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that sees increased spending by consumers. With every brand attempting to secure their own share of wallet, cutting through the noise with a campaign that stands out and is true to the brand is difficult.

Typical Valentine's Day Campaigns

The typical response from brands on Valentine’s Day.

Guy Time vs. Valentine

Savanna knows that on a day like Valentine’s Day the expectation to be super romantic can bring the average guy down. If you are one of...

Conn Bertish

Chasing waves on the moon

by Conn Bertish on 2014/03/31 at 11:51

This month’s Intrepid Explorer magazine features our very own Conn Bertish. Quirk Cape Town’s Executive Creative Director tackled the remote surf of the Comoros with his brother Greg. 

Reading Conn’s recollection of the trip you can’t help feeling that this is an adventure for a truly Brave Curious Mind
Below is Conn’s article as published in the Intrepid Magazine
The Comoros group of islands are located between northern Mozambique
Greg Schneider

Viral: Payday

by Greg Schneider on 2014/03/28 at 10:46

It’s payday here at the QuirkStation so Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues’ latest video masterpiece is all the more apt.
We especially like the cameos from local celebs Jack Parow, Jeannie D and Cindy Nel.


Greg Schneider

Hometown loyalty should see both these videos go viral.

Dare I ask, which lifestyle do you find more enticing?   

Happy Cape Town


Jason Warner

Folking Awesome: The Folk Edition from quirkagency on 8tracks Radio.

It's time to slow things down a little and revisit some of the recent and not-so-recent finest folky goodness. Because sometimes all you need is an acoustic guitar and some damn fine lyrics.



Scott Gray

Google reveals Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches

Not long after, Motorolla announces the Moto 360


The State of Social Advertising 2014

Socialbakers surveyed over 500 marketing professionals, spanning 82 countries and 20 industries to better understand where social media is heading in 2014. The State of Social Marketing, Part One, concerned the priorities and practices of marketers. Part Two defines the state of social ...

Scott Gray

Viral: First Kiss (+ bonus)

by Scott Gray on 2014/03/24 at 17:18

We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time....

69,3 million views in 3 weeks.

bonus video

And then this bit of akwardness from Vice happened:

"... we went out into the street and found 20 strangers who aren't models of any description to stick their stiff British upper lips together for £20 a pop."


Greg Schneider

The World Design Capital aims to recognize cities who are using design as a tool for social, cultural and economic development. In 2014 Cape Town will host over 460 design projects that are aimed at transforming the city. The central theme behind Cape Town’s successful bid, “Live Design. Transform Life”, focuses on the role that design can play in social transformation. 

World Design Capital 2014 is not just a programme of events. It is a step i
Sam Beckbessinger

The Quirk ThinkRadar

by Sam Beckbessinger on 2014/03/19 at 14:11

Our radar was inspired by the wonderful geeks over at Thoughtworx, who produce their own Tech Radar twice every year (read more). Our radar is divided into four quadrants representing four general areas of interest to us: technology, culture, marketing and business.

There are four rings: 
Adopt: we believe that the industry should be adopting or responding to these trends urgently
Trial: these are things that may be significant to our marke
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